Beef corridor councils eager to shift into planning gear
Queensland Beef Corridors are set to receive $100 million funding from the Queensland Government. The QBC councils are enthusiastic about transitioning into planning mode, appreciating the state's initiative and urging federal prioritisation for projects with secured state funding.

With Central and Western Queensland roads prioritised under the Queensland Beef Corridors (QBC) set to receive $100 million in funding from the Queensland Government under the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP), the QBC group of councils is eager to shift into planning mode.

The QTRIP funding, forecast to roll out in the 2025/26 financial year, is subject to federal government budget allocations currently under the scrutiny of the Infrastructure Investment Program Strategic Review.

QBC spokesperson and Central Highlands Regional Council Mayor Kerry Hayes said the Queensland Government needed to be congratulated.

‘The Queensland Government has taken initiative here and that sends a very clear message to the federal government that the State of Queensland really understands beef corridors, supply chains and how to build on strengths,’ Mayor Hayes said.

‘In particular, we need to thank Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey, he was very receptive to the concept and the QBC group is committed to ongoing collaboration on prioritisation and delivery of the program.’
Mayor Hayes said the group respects the review taking place at the federal level and requests that projects with secured State funding be given priority in the review process.

‘Every funding commitment comes with its own timelines and terms of agreement. Fast-tracking assessment of projects like Queensland Beef Corridors will improve our ability to lock funding agreements in at both state and federal levels, and get on with the job for the benefit of our local industry, businesses, communities and regions.’

‘This is our $1.7 billion local industry, the beef industry, saying we are an extremely complex, high-value business. We need the sort of corridors and the delivery certainty that supply contracts and export markets demand,’ he said.

‘In terms of identifying projects that are worthwhile and ready to go ahead as a solution, the Queensland Beef Corridors program is right there. As a collaborative partner, we are ready to join the planning table with other stakeholders and get a process in place to prioritise a delivery schedule that allows us to measure the investment impact, ensure money is invested in the right places and keep the momentum going. As a collective, we’re highly motivated in representing our regional community interests to ensure our premium products are in the lead of a competitive, global market.’