About Queensland Beef Corridors
The QBC are more than just pieces of infrastructure

Queensland Beef Corridors are a network of roads stretching more than 2,000 kilometres across Western and Central Queensland, covering an area of nearly 218,000 square kilometres. 

Together, they form a strategic web of agricultural supply chains from east to west, allowing premium beef to move through all stages of the production cycle – from breeding to backgrounding, feedlot to the abattoir, to export and ultimately to market. 

They are more than just pieces of infrastructure, they are the foundation of an innovative economy, and they are the lifeblood of the people that use them.   

the people

The people who rely on these roads are families, passionate community membersentrepreneurs and business owners. They are graziers, feedlotters, transporters, stock agents, fodder suppliers, saleyard operators, abattoirs, port authorities, butchers, retail outlets and many more. 

While steeped in tradition, they are also innovators, embracing and developing exciting new technologies and practices that are leading the way on a global scale. 

Their passion and determination to make their product the best it can be, to achieve vertical integration and improve access to major markets is what drives the cattle and agricultural industries of our state and consequently our nation 

the product

In the seven council areas, these roads transport agricultural commodities that contribute roughly $2.7 billion in economic output per year, with beef the major contributor. 

Home to a quarter of Australia’s cattle herd, this is one of the only places in the country where all aspects of the beef cattle production system occur – the breeding; the backgrounding; the fattening; the feedlotting; the finishing; the processing; and the export. 

The product produced in the seven local government areas is diverse and of world-class quality, but it is being transported on substandard roads that have been the same fo150 years. 

the Facts

  • Population: 213,019 
  • Area 218,000 square kilometres 
  • Beef businesses: 2,370 
  • Herd size: 4.4 million, almost a quarter of the nation’s herd. 
  • Beef economic output: $2.7 billion. 
  • Road network 2,000 km plus 
  • 26 per cent of Queensland’s saleyards transactions.